TMSG: 8-Year-Old Has Helped Almost 3K Homeless Veterans With 'Hero Bags'

At just 4-years-old Tyler Stallings learned that some veterans are homeless. Veterans are part of Stallings' extended family and he's always thought of them as heroes so homelessness for them didn't quite make sense.

He asked his mom how he could help, so he started making "Hero Bags." Since then, now 8-years-old, Stallings has made nearly 3,000 Hero Bags over the span of four years.

In the bags are hygiene and grooming items with thank you cards. During winter, the hero bags also include a hat, gloves, and blanket. To help with the costs, the little one's GoFundMe Page has raised more than $50,000 over to the past four years. His mother Andrea Blackstone told CNN that Stallings buys lots of merchandise from donations and now they go to the store all the time.

The bags have been given to veterans directly from Stallings, and he has also given the bags and other items to many organizations that also help homeless veterans.

If you want to help Stallings' give to homeless veterans, donate on his GoFundMe page here.

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