Jason Aldean Isn't Having Anymore Kids

Jason Aldean just dropped his ninth studio album perfectly titled 9. He shared on The Bobby Bones Show that the number 9 has had significance his whole life. It was his baseball number growing up, and his lucky number. Since this was the ninth record, Aldean said it was the perfect time to use it since he "only gets to make the 9th record once."

Aldean is a massive superstar, but he's had many interactions with artists across his entire career.

While recording this new album, Aldean was sent songs to record from fellow artists Thomas Rhett, Tyler Hubbard of Florida Georgia Line, and Brantley Gilbert. The song sent by Rhett was going to be saved for Aldean's next album, but Rhett called a few days later to tell him another artist was going to record it soon. Tyler Hubbard is one of the co-writers on the single of the album "We Back" and Aldean knew he had to cut it as soon as he heard it. Another song that went a similar direction was the song sent by Gilbert. Aldean was on the way to the recording studio to record some of the songs when Gilbert called and shared "The Same Way," and as soon as Aldean walked into the studio he switched up things and recorded Gilbert's song instead of another.

Just like with his newest album, there's other songs in Aldean's career that were sent to him after another artist passed on it, or he passed on it and another artist had a smash hit with it. Luke Bryan's song "Drunk On You" was originally sent to Aldean and he passed on it, that's how the song made it's way to Bryan. Another song sent to him was "Big Green Tractor," but that recording only happened after Jake Owen first passed on it.

After many years of being in the industry and Aldean's experience with artists new and old, he's received and shared lots of advice. His fondest memory of receiving advice came from Tim McGraw who helped Aldean be aware of pit falls and certain moves to make throughout his career. McGraw was the one who helped Aldean remember that he's ultimately the boss of his story and career. Aldean has used that advice to help him through the years, and today he helps artists like Kane Brown and Luke Combs with advice on moves to make.

Aldean's career started all because of his father. His dad told him he'd buy him a nice guitar, if he learned to play. That guitar was with Aldean on the road for many years, but just recently got retired to Aldean's house. The new house being built for Aldean and his family will have one of his favorite features, a bowling alley. Aldean says he will spend all of his time in it and it's all "officially" done after Brunswick came in to set things up. The alley is Aldean's hang out space and also where all of his plaques and trophies hang. He's never hit a 300, but on average bowls in the 230 range.

In Aldean's personal life, he noted that he's done having kids after his wife gave birth to Navy earlier this year. He confessed that he's had a vasectomy and doesn't plan for any more babies. Also, he, Luke Bryan, and Adam LaRoche just opened up their E3 Chophouse in Nashville.

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