Meet Our New Executive Producer Scuba Steve

Earlier this year, Morgan1 announced she was leaving the show and her executive producer position to go help Bobby Bones on the other side of his career with his management team. And after several months of looking for a replacement, The Bobby Bones Show has finally hired someone to fill her old role.

Scuba Steve is the new executive producer on the show. He came from California and working for another nationally syndicated radio show. He and his wife moved to town and left their year and a half old baby behind with grandparents so they could get settled. After a cross-country road trip, Scuba Steve arrived during 2019 CMA Awards week. But today (November 20) Scuba Steve made his first on-air debut with the show after the show's holiday party the night before.

The holiday party was meant to allow the show and Scuba Steve to celebrate the new position and get to know each other better. Scuba jumped on the air to talk about his first impressions of everyone on the show and the moves he's making now to get adjusted to life in Nashville.