TMSG: Thousands Describe Their Dog To Blind Man On Facebook Community Page

Dog lover Stephen William Dale Shkuratoff is also blind. He posted on Dogspotting Society Facebook Group's community page asking for descriptions of member's pups so that he could picture them.

Shkuratoff never thought he'd receive over 1.6K comments from other dog-loving strangers eager to share descriptions of their pups.

His post on Facebook read, "I love being a member of this group! I am blind and was hoping to ask for more dog descriptions. Personality traits are more helpful than colors. Like how soft the dog is for example... thanks for making me feel included."

The post has obviously gone viral with over 6.7K likes and 1.6K comments. And all the strangers commenting went into great detail about their pups describing everything from strength's of tail wags to the feel of their coats.

Shkuratoff told Mail Online he joined the group a few months ago and has posted several times, but had never received a response this big before. You can contribute your comment of your beloved pup or just see all the awesome people commenting here.