Bobby Went Viral On TikTok Doing Balancing Trick With Morgan2

Last week, Bobby Bones and Eddie posted videos of them attempting to do a trick that was seen on TikTok. A man and woman went viral on the video sharing app for doing what looks like a magic trick, but really it's just them balancing each other out using only their bodies.

Despite Bones and Eddie's failed attempts, Bones still wanted to try again. He tried the balancing trick with Morgan2 while in Las Vegas at The Smith Center for their Raging Idiots Show. After a few practice attempts, the two nailed the trick. Bones posted the successful video on his TikTok page and within hours the video went viral. As of right now (November 18), the video has 1.6 million views.

Everyone thought the video had some trick included to make it happen, but really it's just Bones and Morgan2 weight balancing each other out just right.

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