Bobby & Eddie Tried A Bizarre Stunt And Failed

Bobby Bones and Eddie were rehearsing a new project for The Raging Idiots when they got a little distracted with Tik Tok.

Bones has recently been obsessed with the new video platform, making videos randomly by himself or with friends. While Bones and Eddie were at the studio working on a Raging Idiots project, they had their producer film them not once, but twice attempting a stunt. Seen in the video, first Bones is reversely on his hands and feet and Eddie attempts to put his feet on Bones thighs. They're trying to act as a human balance system. And you think they're going to get it... then they crash.

In their second attempt, Eddie is reversely on his hands and feet and Bones tries to put his feet on Eddie's thighs and they crash quicker than their first attempt.

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