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Kickin Off Football with Pepper Jelly & PB Wings - RECIPE #ThisGirlCooks

SOOO I love to cook, but have been severly slacking with the craziness that has been summer 2022. To get jacked up for a new season I bought myself an air fryer and decided the first thing I would give a whirl is my Hot Pepper Jelly & PB Wings. I've made them in the past in the oven and it typically takes forever with the skin just not getting crisp enough. As expected the air fryer was MAGIC! The only thing I would do different is go a little heavier on the Pepper Jelly for more of a kick.

Air Fryer - mine is a 2QT ... 20 minutes at 400 (the french fry setting) ... make sure to flip have way through.

Fresh Wings... not frozen. I had about 1.5 pounds. Coat the wings with a tablespoon of vegetable oil, salt, pepper, and cayenne (you pick how much spice you want)

For the Sauce...

1/8 cup of smooth peanut butter

1/8 cup of pepper jelly (I'd go a little heavier on this next time for some extra pep in the wings)

1 TBS soy sauce

1/8 cup of rice vinegar

1 TBS fish sauce

Hot Sauce for taste (I love Frank's)

2 tsps of minced garlic

Red Chili Flakes as you like

1/2 TBS of sesame oil


***I'd cook the wings for 10 minutes and then take out to toss in sauce and cook for another 10 minutes

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