Doritos Commercial Reminds Me Of Scene That Gave Me Nightmares As A Kid

Am I curious about these new 3D Doritos ... yes! Do I love Matthew McConaughey-hey ... alright alright alright! Did I love the 3D Doritos commercial... not so much.

In fact it reminded me of a scene from 1988's "Who Framed Roger Rabbit" that gave me nightmares as a kid. A - if you haven't seen the movie it's great! B - the premise - Judge Doom is out for the toons in "Toontown". Well by the end you realize Judge Doom (played by Christopher Lloyd) is in fact a toon himself... an evil toon.

He gets flattened by a steamroller, but he doesn't die. He peels himself off the floor to reveal his beady red eyes and high pitched voice fully revealing that he is the murderous toon/villain!

Scene provided below as well as Doritos commercial... AM I WRONG!!!?