Someone Get Lee Brice Some Body Glide! The Dangers of the Thigh Rub!

Lee Brice learned the dangers of what I lovingly refer to as "the chub rub". Why do we wear leggings while working out??? Trust during the summer I would much rather wear shorts to provide a little more air conditioning, but alas my thighs have and always will rub together. I've since become a big fan of bike shorts for warmer weather, but the things is longer shorts/leggings are needed so it's fabric hitting each other and not skin.

Lee Brice didn't seem to be rocking some long underoo protection while walking the golf course for 3 days and his buddy Randy Houser got some video of the "Walk of Chaffee" - Lee was kind enough to share as a PSA.

Tip - if you don't wear leggings or longer underoos under your pants - their is a little something called "Body Glide" - it's what I use when running long distances. It's a little deodorant looking stick that you can get at Dick's to put on your places that rub when you do a lot of physical activity.