My Taco Tour Of Boston Thus Far

Favorite food group - TACOS

Since moving to Boston I've made it my mission to hit as many taco spots as possible. I've been to a number thus far and I've found amazing things about each. These are my favorite things thus far...

Best Street Corn - Citrus & Salt - to finish their street corn off they roll in in Flaming Hot Cheetos!

Best Guac - Lolitas - they add big chunks of bacon to their guac and to finish off the meal they give you cotton candy with Pop Rocks

Best Drinks - Yellow Door

Best Chorizo Taco - Lonestar in Allston

Best Carnitas Taco - Tenoch in Medford

If you have any spots that you swear by let me know... next on my list are Naco Taco as recommended by my co-worker Tiff and Rosa Mexicano in the Seaport!

Colton & Pop Rock Cotton Candy from Lolitas

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