Oprah's Favorite Things 2018

Is this what inspired the "Favorite Things" parties around the holidays? Personally my favorite type as opposed to the Yankee Swap (shower thought... do they call it a yankee swap in other parts of the country?)

I do love to check out what Oprah puts on this list every year. She breaks the list down into categories like: Fashion, Tech, Kitchen, Presents For Pets, & Eco Friendly. 

There's plenty of great gift ideas and of course a few items you'll think to yourself... HELL NO I AIN'T PAYING $200 for a Pitcher!

A few of the things I personally think are amazing... 

The Lands End Puffer jacket... you can get 20% off with code "Oprah" 

The Glittersville Studio Rainbow Tumblers

And my cool, but disappointed moment of the 2018 list. Ollie - Ella See Ya Suitcase... they looked so cool, but alas when I clicked the link I realized they were fashionable travel suitcases for kids! I would like adult size please! 

Complete List Here 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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