6th St Jude Half Marathon - Savannah

Another half marathon in the books for St. Jude ( I don't run for fun I run for a reason)! 

This past weekend I flew to Savannah for the Rock N Roll Marathon representing St. Jude. Runners that run for St. Jude are called "St. Jude Heroes" - you can run any Rock N Roll Marathon as a hero and you can pick out your fellow runners with the St. Jude singlets! We came across a few along our 13.1 miles; a lovely man from San Diego and tutu rocking lady from Virginia! 

This half was my 6th along with my fab gal pal Ashley Mascroft. We've run Nashville & Memphis both twice as Heroes, Vegas once, and this year we chose Savannah since it was a city that we hadn't been to before. In our 48 hours we took care of business (the run), ate plenty of delicious food, drank in the streets, stood where Gump sat, and took one very creepy tour. 48 hours filled with some important life lessons! 

#1 - When running anything more than a 5K training is very very VERY important. I won't lie... I've done plenty of CrossFit in the last few months, but I seriously neglected my miles and I paid for it. After completing 3 miles of this run I ended up power walking the rest. My hip abductors are feeling it today! 

#2 - If the Uber has duct tape anywhere on it you should probably get another Uber. After the run and a well needed nap we decided to hit up a taco joint! Tacos and margaritas are the way we roll. If you are ever in Savannah make sure to stop by Bull Street Tacos and get the chorizo tacos! On the ride there our Uber driver almost got us T-Boned, but also entertained us with her stories about tea cats and questions about how to get a bicycle on a plane. We made it out with our lives luckily and some amusing stories, but generally duct tape = CALL ANOTHER UBER IF YOU WANT TO LIVE! 

#3 - Always take the Dramamine. I generally take Dramamine before taking a flight, but I decided on the first flight home I would test to see how I did. I had already taken pain reliever and my anti-depressant/anxiety and felt like 3 different types of meds at once may be too much so I'd tough out a 47 minute flight. WELL those 47 minutes were AWFUL! It wasn't a particularly turbulent ride, but I've just had to accept that I get motion sick easy! Ended up popping the Dramamine mid flight but it wasn't til halfway through flight two that I leveled. 

#4 - When in Savannah take a haunted tour; the 18 plus tour if you want to hear the real messed up stories! And believe me there were plenty. Savannah is built on bodies... no joke! 

We got to see the Messer House featured in "Midnight in the Garden of Good & Evil" (I have the book ordered to read... almost rented the movie last night, but I got talked out of it by my co-watcher. He reminded me that Kevin Spacey is a diddler and maybe we shouldn't give him any royalties). 

We got to see the oh so famous spot where Forrest Gump sits on a bench with his box of chocolates. The movie had donated the bench, but many started taking pieces of it for themselves so now it sits in a museum. 

We also got to see the lighting rigs that are currently set up for the filming of Lady & The Tramp! SOOOO much history in Savannah. 

#5 - FOOOD & drinking in the streets. Everywhere you go you're asked if you want a to go cup for your booze. We fully took advantage! 

Thank you all so much for your continued support of St. Jude. I think I may be retiring from half marathons, but 10Ks and 5Ks for St. Jude ...HECK YES! And I'm always looking for running friends to keep me company!

If running as a St. Jude Hero is of interest to you - CHECK IT OUT!

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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