Halloween Dangers For Your Pooch

I saw Roxy's vet post a great article about dangers for our pets on Halloween. We are a week away and the Pet Poison Hotline sees a 12% increase in calls on the big day. 

Some things to remember that are poisonous for your pooch - 

Chocolate - The darker the chocolate and/or bitter the more dangerous for your dog. 1 oz of bakers chocolate can cause serious damage 

Grapes & Raisins - There's always that one house that decides to health it up with a box of raisins. Grapes/Raisins can cause kidney failure in your dog and even your cat. 

Then there's also glow sticks, candles, & costumes. 

Luckily I've only ever had to call the Pet Poison Hotline once after Roxy licked a toad and started acting funny. She ended up being totally OK, but there's a poisonous toad found in the midwest that looked exactly like the one she licked....what happens when you google and try to self diagnose... PANIC! 

855-764-7661 is the number to call - 24/7 

If you want some more info on dangers and potential symptoms

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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