Chatting With "Thorny" From Super Troopers

High School me geeked hard when I found out I'd get to chat with Jay Chandrasekar - director/writer/star "Super Troopers", "Super Troopers 2" & "Beer Fest". This is the movie my friends and I continue to quote back and forth to each other as adults! The first Troopers came out when I was a Junior in High School. 

Jay is in MA this weekend for a few appearances in Boston & at the Mass Mutual Center in Springfield for "That Cannabis Show" expo. 

Jay gives some excellent stories about Willie Nelson, Farva getting escorted to a baseball game, & some scoop on a few sequels! HANDS UP RIGHT HERE TO BE AN EXTRA!!!! 

And yes ... I do ask about a mustache ride. I HAD TO! 

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