How Much Pizza You'll Eat In Your Lifetime...

731 pizzas/5,847 slices is what a British survey estimated would be our lifetime pizza consumption. Maybe they eat less pizza over the pond because I'd say my numbers will be hire. 

There was an entire summer I lived on a pizza and beer diet... and I lost weight! However, I was 21 and spent the day floating in a river to later soak up the beer with many carbs. I wouldn't recommend that as a method of weight loss, but the point is I eat a whole lot of pizza. This last week alone... at least 3 days pizza was what was for dinner! 

As for the most favorite toppings in this survey... I like mushrooms, but I'm surprised the fungus beat out processed meat! 

#1 Mushrooms 

#2 Pepperoni 

#3 Ham 

#4 Chicken 

#5 Tomato 

And for your viewing/listening enjoyment... this is what typically pops into my head when I think about the ninja turtles. Well this or Vanilla Ice's 'Ninja Rap' :-) 

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