How I Spent My Summer Vacation

I finally did it! I got in my 2018 summer vacation! It all started with a "Trip Around The Sun" and one to the Patriots locker room and a trip to another National Park - Acadia! 

Kenny - the show was amazing and I was super pumped to see David Lee Murphy! I was on a bus with him over the winter, but ya know in his heyday there wasn't social media so I actually wasn't aware what he looked like. When I was told on said bus who he was I froze and said nothing so I got my redemption at Gillette! 

A few of us were finding our why to the sandbar when a nice gentlemen took us on a detour to the Patriots new locker room. I took my photos in front of a few of them... Brady & Gronk. Almost was going to take one in front of Eric Decker's but he's now retired. 

From Gillette I took the trek up to Acadia National Park in Maine. There are 58 National Parks and this made my fifth. My goal is to see as many as I can in my lifetime. I've already knocked out some of the majors - Yosemite, Yellowstone, Grand Canyon, The US Virgin Islands (yes St. John!!!), and now Acadia. 

Acadia is the only National Park in the Northeast and its Cadillac Mountain is the first spot in the US to see the sunrise. One of my childhood besties and I rolled out of bed at 5AM took the 30 minute trek from our hotel to the mountain top and it was beyond worth the early rise. My photos don't do it justice. If you have a little adventure in your soul you must make this a must see in your life! 

Labor Day Weekend is upon us ... the unofficial/official end to summer. Have you gotten in your vay-cay? 

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