My Picks From Cole Swindell's "All Of It"

First thing I did this morning when I got up... flipped on the Today show. Cole Swindell performed a number of tunes including the current single "Break Up In The End". Then I downloaded the album "All Of It". I've been jamming all morning and my Top 3 picks that are not the current single ... 

1 - Reason To Drink - PERFECT Fri-Yay song! 

2 - Both Sides of the Mississippi - The King of country is the king no matter where you're from! 

3 - Dad's Old Number - I teared up to this one ... I know Cole lost his dad and it made me sad thinking about his loss, but it also reminded me of the first time that I called my grandparents phone after my grandmother had passed. Hearing her voice on the answering machine was tough. 

Cheers Cole! Ya did good! There's a number of songs that I def could see being radio singles. He just filmed a music video for the title track "All Of It" - check it out! Check out a little behind the scenes with Cole & his Friday Morning Convo with Bobby this morning! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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