Would You Eat This 7LB Burger?

I love that New England keeps it pretty regular. At Fenway all I want is a frank, some cracker jacks, and if it's a burger I fancy... TASTY BURGER! 

The Arizona Cardinals have thrown a little challenge out they call the "Gridiron Challenge Burger". Of course I use "little" lightly. First one must pay $75 for this 7LB burger that comes with - burgers, hot dogs, brawtwursts, bacon, chicken tenders... and a few other additions. You then have an hour to eat the creation. If you complete this challenge you get a Cardinals jersey and you get yourself up on the video screen. 

Here's my tip... take that $75 and just go buy yourself a jersey and work on some sort of creative sign or outfit before you get to the game in hopes that the cameras may find you! 

Would you try this challenge? 

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