SHARK! If You Didn't Get Your Shark Week Fill

I think this summer I've been a bit more shark obsessed. Mainly because I still need to get a Cape trip in and I've honestly not gone in Cape waters in almost ten years. Why? Because I'm afraid the sharks will mistake my pasty self for a shiner and try to test me out! 

I've downloaded the Sharktivity App so I know where not to go... where they're sited the most. I've also been watching shark videos and movies... I'm not sure that exactly helps, but I've been curious. 

Last night I watched 47 Meters with Mandy Moore. It wasn't the worst movie I've ever seen, but clearly everything these girls did to get into trouble I felt was on them! HELL NO would I go into a shark cage let alone a rickety looking cage off a shanty looking boat! 

The Meg with Jason Statham - comes out tomorrow... there were no Sharknado movies this year during Shark Week so this looks like the closest thing I'll get this summer. Plus Jason Statham. 

BUT what I find most terrifying ... the researcher in Wellfleet that had the shark jump out the water at him! I peed my pants a little just watching! 

Get yourself caught up with my current obsession... 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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