Crossfit Games - MARATHON WHAAAT!

My next half marathon for St. Jude is coming up in November. The last one I ran was November 2017 where I decided not to particularly train hard. BIG MISTAKE! Things I could just wing in my twenties are not things I can do in my thirties. 

I started my running training plan and I couple that with weightlifting; specifically crossfit. I try to go to classes about 2-3 times a week at "Crossfit Stronger Than Yesterday" in Easthampton. This morning my coach Molly asked if we had been watching the Crossfit Games. How much attention I pay... well I didn't know they were happening til this morning. 

I checked out some of the workouts and the one that's really got me impressed... a marathon row! I thought it was huge when I did a 2K row in about 8:43. A marathon row... that's 42,000 Meters. The top woman finished this incredible feat of strength in about 3 hours. Can you imagine rowing for 3 hours! There's so many other things I'd be willing to do! Watching other people take on these challenges is one of them...  seriously impressive! 

Have you been watching these insane athletes? 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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