Adventures of Kip Moore - Montana

There's a little song I've been playing for you every few weeks for over a year now... FINALLY the powers that be have added "Last Shot"!!! I've been obsessed with the song for almost two years now when a fan posted video of him performing it I believe in Colorado! SOOO prepare to hear it a lot now and DOWNLOAD Kip's entire "Slowheart" album! 

There's a few artists in this business that I really respect as artists that have built their fan base on their shows and songs. Eric Church & Kip Moore are two of them. Eric gets a bit more radio play these days, but Kip still doesn't get enough. The songs these guys put out are songs that will still be relevant & good say ten/twenty years from now. 

And another reason I respect Kip... he's a good freakin person and knows how to travel and see shit! I didn't catch the travel bug until a few years ago, but a lot of his pics have had me add locations to my bucket list! Currently he's making tour stops in Canada and Montana... check out some Insta pics from Montanta! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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