What's An Armpit Detox - We're Getting Real

Let's get real about sweating! Now my sweat has never really been stanky (that I know of), but I remember in high school perspiring quite a bit under my arms without even being hot! I ended up getting a prescription for a higher concentration of aluminum chloride which worked at the time, but putting aluminum into your body isn't the best. In fact there are many chemicals in antiperspirants that aren't awesome, but that's not really the reason I'm doing this... added benefit! 

The fact is antiperspirants haven't really been working for me. I don't feel powder fresh, I'm sweating, & I just felt like my pores were gunked up! I subscribe to Shape Magazine emails and twice in the last week one of the articles was about an armpit detox. An armpit detox is switching up to natural deodorant and creating a clay concoction to clear out your pits. 

I'm on day two of natural deodorant and I haven't been sweating as much and I smell like rose and vanilla! Thanks Schmidt's (that's the brand)! As for the clay concoction I have apple cider vinegar, but the bentonite clay should be arriving from Amazon today... it only cost about $7. Mask on tonight!!! 

Have you ever tried a detox? Are there natural deodorants you like best? I'm testing this for a full week, but if you want to read the article from the blogger that inspired me to give it a whirl here's your present! (SHAPE)

This chica gives some good tips too... don't mix it in metal! I don't know why, but I trust this lady!

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