My Fenway Highlights! Luke - Sam - Pardi - Wallen

My favorite parts from Friday night - 

1- Morgan Wallen... was so great to see the mullet in person and of course see how far this guy has come since he played our studios for a small group of listeners not even two summers ago. He played an epic mash up too of some beloved rock songs... a little Linkin Park, Def Leopard, Kings of Leon, & Eagles were all in there! 

2 - Jon Pardi... this guy is just a straight up cowboy! He was lovely to chat with in the radio room & his new single "Night Shift"... I'm a fan! 

3 - SAM HUNT!!! We walked into the pit as he was singing some 90s covers! "Ain't Going Down Til The Sun Comes Up" & "Where The Green Grass Grows." He was rockin a Red Sox hat & just watching him perform... dude has so much energy! 

*** To the security guard that almost didn't let myself and Jessica into the pit... I forgive you. We had special pit passes and at first the young man said they were no good. He was a little sassy, but not terrible so I asked to see the paper I know he gets showing what actually allows you into the pit. BOOM! I tapped his paper to point out our passes and he had the look of "OOOOOPS I'm an ass". Young man... you were just doing your job and I'm sure many ladies lie to you to get close to Sam. Forgiven!

4 - LUKE" MOTHA YOU KNOW WHAT" BRYAN! Throwing beers into the crowd and singing sweet Caroline to Boston and your own Caroline... ADORABLE! 

Here's some coverage from my social... 

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