Malden Man Wheel Chair Stolen & FOUND!

Wednesday night I headed out to the Sox game ...amazing! First time I've ever seen someone rush a field! 

After the game my friends and I head to Devlin's in Brighton for some snacks and after drinks. The news was on and what caught my eye was this story! The flash I saw on the screen... he was wearing a "Pimpin Joy" shirt. The man looked very familiar. I'm sure I've seen him at some country shows in the past. 

James who has cerebral palsy depends on this chair as his legs. Someone was believed to have stolen it from his front porch, but it didn't get his spirit down. This guy's attitude... inspirational. 

UPDATE - The wheel chair was mistaken as trash by a local scraper. It has since been returned, but the Go Fund Me raised over $10,000 in one day! I do believe James plans on donating that back to others in need. 


And follow James Norris on Insta! SOOOO inspirational @handi_capable_fitness 

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