Firebird 5K - Greenfield Saturday!

The Firebird 5K: Race Against Addiction is this Saturday at Highland Park in Greenfield. Highland Park is one of Roxy and my favorite spots to do some baby hikes & I've ran this particular race a few times. 

The mission of the Firebird 5K is to changing the current view on treating addiction though the creation of strong foundations, starting with access to safe and sober living options in Franklin County.

It's sad to say, but I don't think there are any of us who can say we haven't or at least don't know someone that has been effected by addiction. Having a few people in my life over the years has for sure changed my views. 

The one year anniversary of losing my first ever best friend just passed a few weeks ago. Our Dads worked together and our parents were friends before she and I were ever born. We were about 2 months apart & she was the first person I ever called "my best friend". We were close when we were little, but we went to different high schools. Our groups changed and we saw each other a lot less and then she moved overseas. 

I saw her a few times in our early twenties once she came back to the states, but at that point some things had changed. She struggled for many years. She had periods of sobriety and eventually health problems from abuse caught up. 

When you are so young you think you have all the time in the world & think that if they're working on it they'll get to OK again. 

On Saturday I'll be running in memory of my friend. It's a beautiful area of Greenfield you run through - the Highland Park area. Race starts at 9AM. Online registration is closed so if you're running day of get there early to register! 

Here's a link to their FB Page!

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