30 Things Considered "Cool" In 2018 By Adults

A poll of over 2000 adults found the top 30 "cool" things of 2018. There's def some items on this list I'm pumped about.... pizza & staying in rather than going out! My Friday night dates with Dateline & wine can get a little wild. 

However, #1 - reuseable coffee cups has me wondering if we are a bit boring in our older age. I appreciate that we are all about being green, but that's the #1 item that we can agree is cool... I guess you can get pretty expressive with cup patterns. 

1. Reusable coffee cups

2. Going on holiday to unusual places off the beaten track

3. Going to the gym

4. Having a balanced diet

5. Staying in rather than going out

6. Working from home

7. Record players

8. Fitness trackers

9. Coffee

10. Being able to cook from scratch

11. Being teetotal or cutting back on your drinking/drinking alcohol free beverages

12. Yoga/Pilates/ Barrecore

13. Craft ale

14. Hosting a dinner party

15. Instagram

16. Cycling

17. Gin

18. Filter water bottles

19. Tattoos

20. Beards

21. Baking

22. Avocado

23. Frozen yogurt

24. Android phones

25. HIIT training

26. Being a fan of things from ‘before your time’ / nostalgia

27. Helping the family

28. Charity shops

29. The 80s

30. Pizza (SWNSDigital)

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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