Top Michael Ray "Amos" Picks - Luke Combs & FGL TOO!

SOOOO much new music out today and I'll start with the all new album out today from Michael Ray "Amos". 

My top picks for songs that aren't the current single in no particular order... 

"Summer Water" - fantastic summer jam... and yes he is talking about water although sometimes I call Bud Light summer water :-) 

"You're On" - This one is just dang catchy and one of the more up tempo jams 

"One That Got Away" 

"Drink One For Me" - a song for the troops 

AND "Her World Or Mine" - this one has to be a single!!! It's about one person in the break up they can't move on and the other that's having no problem. We've all been on the harder side of that equation at least once. I bet you'll have some sort of emotional reaction to this jam! 


Luke Combs has been out on the road the last two years now. The first time I met him back in November in Boston he mentioned he would be putting some new music out soon. For the last two years he'd been playing the same jams off "This One's For You" and he couldn't wait for another all new album to put out new music so he released a deluxe edition today "This One's For You Too". 

When the first release was out I referred to the album as a MONSTER! Everything on the album could be a single and he just continued the trend with the deluxe version. 

This morning he was on with the Bobby Bones Show for the Friday Morning Conversation and he played a few jams including his soon to be #1 (if it's not official already) and a jam called "She Got The Best Of Me". Any of these 5 new songs could be singles, but that jam needs to be! 


And FGL has released not one, but two songs from their upcoming album. Today we're celebrating "Simple" as the new single. I LOVE THIS MESSAGE! I believe it was about a year ago that Tyler walked away from social media for a bit to reconnect to the real things in life. There's a line in the song about Instagram and needing to step back from validation of it. 

I've said it before and I'll continue to say it... Social Media is a blessing and sometimes also a curse. When used to share positivity it's fabulous! But when you let it consume you're life you stop connecting with the people right in front of you. Gotta remember to keep it simple sometimes to foster the real connections in life. OK done preaching... DOWNLOAD THE DANG SONG! 

Also check out "Colorado" , their in depth chat about the meaning of "Simple", & what to expect off this new album... COUGH COUGH more collaborations with a few Jasons :-) (Full Interview Here)

Amanda Jo

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