Millennials Born In 80's - Financial Disadvantage

My Dad is the type who always asks "How's your car running" and "How's your savings"... 

Now I was raised it's not polite to talk about how much someone makes, but let's have a general conversation about finance. If you were born in the 1980s like myself, you came of age during the Great Recession. We were told if you go to college you'll make more money, but then when we graduated for many of us there were no jobs. Because of this we are 34% below the wealth level of what we would have had if there was no financial crisis when we entered the work force. (Business Insider) Many of us are educated with student loans, an increased cost of living, & a serious delay on finding jobs that pay a decent wage.

There is some hope... high education levels can help some of us make up for our delay... cough cough... doctors, scientists, lawyers. Also, the best age to be a successful entrepreneur happens to be 45! Hope you've been working on a Shark Tank idea! (MarketWatch) -  

 Money isn't everything, but I do find it crazy knowing my parents had their first home at what my first car cost. I'm always grateful that I have a dream job and can pay my bills, but I'm feeling like owning my own home may not be attainable & retirement... well I'll be working til the end! If you're feeling like you keep busting ass and getting no where with your personal finances know that I feel your frustration! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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