My Three Teachers That Really Made An Impression

I've had so many amazing teachers throughout my life, but there are a few that def stick out to me. 

1 - Ms. Hurd - She was my 4th grade teacher at Holy Trinity School and when I got my first big kid guitar for Christmas that year she offered to give me guitar lessons once a week after school... for free. 

2 - Mrs. LaRose - She was my 6th grade teacher and I thought she was the coolest! Science and math teacher by day and on the weekends she sang in a group called L-A Rose! I'm beginning to sense a theme here with my favorites. 

3 - Mr. Demento - He was my 8th grade English teacher. In class he would have us read pages out loud and you only stopped when he told you. 

Most kids read about a page. He sometimes would let me go an entire chapter. I kind of hated him at the time for it because I didn't like to feel like people were watching me. He told my mother in a parent-teacher conference that he liked my reading voice ... clearly he caught on to something. 

He also was in a band. Ahhhhh the music theme. I don't remember the book, but for a project he had us create the music soundtrack to it.  I can't remember everything that I chose, but I def assigned Queen's "You're My Best Friend" to a chapter. 

Apparently we had some similar taste in music because I think he was a little surprised I liked Queen. I started that year not being too fond of him for singling me out, but he did force me a little out of my shell. By the end of the year he was a bit of a favorite and clearly it made an impression. 

I do believe he teaches at Easthampton High School so if you have him you're lucky! And Demento if you see this don't judge my composition of this blog... I went into talking for a living not writing :-) 

To all the teachers out there... THANK YOU!


Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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