Most Hated Chores & Cleanest Rooms

No shocker the most hated household chore is cleaning the bathroom. Last weekend I tested an article that provided 3 products that could have your bathroom clean in 10 minutes. Yea... it worked. Here's the article. 

These are the top hated - I would put the drain at #1 - for the full 20  

  • Cleaning the toilet — 41.80 percent
  • Cleaning the oven — 40.50 percent
  • Cleaning the windows — 39.85 percent
  • Removing hair from drain — 37.95 percent
  • Unclogging the sink or drain hole — 33.30 percent
  • Cleaning the refrigerator — 31.35 percent

As for the cleanest rooms to dirtiest in your home... #1 makes sense. Of course you have to clean the kitchen on the regular unless you want salmonella! 

  • Kitchen – cleaned about eight times per month
  • Main bathroom – cleaned about seven times per month
  • Living room – cleaned about six times per month
  • Dining room – cleaned about six times per month
  • Bedroom – cleaned about five times per month
  • Guest bedroom – cleaned about four times per month
Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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