Young Adults Lonelier Than Elderly

We are so connected these days... computers in our pockets and social media that allows us to like and comment on things we have deep feelings about all over the world! However, about half of Americans report sometimes or always feeling lonely. In a day where we are so connected we seem to have a problem really connecting. 

In a recent survey it was found that young adults feel lonelier than the elderly particularly 18-22 year olds. The generation that is so socially connected with Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter, Youtube, & Facebook yet meaningful connection seems to escape them. 

Don't get me wrong... especially in my line of work I understand the need and use for social media these days. However, we need to prioritize real life one on one interactions with people! 

May is Mental Health Awareness Month. Loneliness is a real problem that can cause anxiety/depression. I'm open about my own issues and sometimes it is sparked by feelings of loneliness. Being aware helps me deal and cope with it. 

Yes I can get down on myself thinking I live alone, no boyfriend, no kids where so many of my friends have what I seek. When those lonely moments hit me... I have to remind myself not to go down the rabbit hole and call one of those friends! Hang out. Socialize. Play with their kids who love to hang out with me. That connection can snap me right out of the hole! Or I just pay it forward in some way... do something that will do good for someone else. Connect with someone else! 

We are all going to hit bumps along our way, but when you have real life connections it makes the ride a whole lot easier. Check out this Ted talk...

(Loneliness Survey Results)

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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