Brett Eldredge @ Mohegan Highlights

Had a blast Saturday night at Mohegan for Brett Eldredge, Devin Dawson, & Jillian Jacqueline! 

1 - I never thought if Brett Eldredge was in a room that I could be distracted by another being... then Edgar Boogie walked in! Seriously thinking of using my pic as a Christmas Card next year with Roxy photoshopped in! 

2 - Jillian Jacqueline... I'd heard her song Reasons, but seeing it was great to see it live! I loved her voice so much that I downloaded the EP Sunday. LOVE IT! "Hate Me" is made it on repeat this morning on the drive to work! 

3 - Devin Dawson... he's got some serious rock flare which I didn't know based on "All On Me"... a fan was born Saturday night! 

Check out some pics and the performance of all 3 on stage together covering Gnarles Barkley's "Crazy"! 

Concert season is officially here!!! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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