Yawkey Way Now Back To Jersey Street

Now I've only ever know Fenway Park to sit on Yawkey Way so when I heard they were renaming to Jersey Street I was a little annoyed... why mess with tradition! WELL... this is why knowing your history comes in handy! 

Tom Yawkey owned the Red Sox from 1933-1976 when he passed away. The Yawkey Foundation has given back a lot of money to organizations like Dana Farber Cancer Institute. 

However, under Yawkey ownership the Red Sox were the last team to allow black ballplayers. The street was originally Jersey Street until 1976 renaming of Yawkey way to honor the man, but the current owner John Henry has noted how he was "haunted" by the history of racism associated with Yawkey. CBS Boston  

I know this can get into a heated debate, but Yawkey Way isn't just a statue noting history. It's a landmark that's known nationwide... fabulous his Foundation continues to do great things in his name, but I've always viewed athletics as a thing that brings people together no matter what their look or background. That's not something this man apparently stood for. 

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Me dancing on Yawkey ...no back to Jersey Street a few years back! Believe it or not I was totally sober! 

Amanda Jo

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