Top 5 Professions That Get Right Swipes

You may think ladies would swipe right most for professions like a doctor or a lawyer, but not the case! I'd say Chef would def be a top pick! Who doesn't want someone to cook for you? And I love to cook so I wouldn't hate learning a few new tricks or having a little cook off for fun! - These Top 5 are according to the dating app Badoo 

Top 5 that get swipes from ladies 

1 - Chef 

2 - Engineer 

3 - Entrepreneur 

4 - Marketing 

5 - Artist 

Top 5 that get swipes from men 

1 - Hairdresser 

2 - Nurse 

3 - Lawyer 

4 - Entrepreneur 

5 - Teacher 

Business Insider

 Tinder has a little bit of a different Top 5, but still no doctor or lawyer here!

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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