Could This Actress Play Princess Leia?

STAR WARS NERD ALERT! - Last night I was pumped when I saw that "The Force Awakens" was on TV. This morning I found an article where a fan started a petition suggesting that Princess Leia be recast and played by Meryl Streep. 

The third installment in this latest trilogy was supposed to be all about Leia played by Carrie Fisher. However, Carrie Fisher sadly passed away. Fans have no idea what the plan will be going forward with the last film... will she be written out, CGI, recast? As a fan I would hate to see the character just fade away and no one will be able to fill Carrie's shoes. However, Meryl Streep isn't a name that would make me cringe in the role. I'm sure they will find some sort of creative way to handle, but what would you think of a Meryl recast? 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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