Kacey Musgraves "Golden Hour" - BUY IT!!!

I pre-ordered Golden Hour about a month before its release & spent my weekend with her words. Her voice is beautiful, songwriting superb, it's raw, it's country, and even a little disco! Slow Burn, Butterflies, Love Is A Wild Thing, Space Cowboy, Happy & Sad, Velvet Elvis, High Horse, & Rainbow are my favorites, but work as a whole is as I sometimes say... AMAZEBALLS! 

She's been getting plenty of praise for this album by critics and fans! She's also been all over TV performing songs from this album... check out the performances! 

Slow Burn - The Late Show - Colbert 


Butterflies - from Today Show


Don't think she's performed this on on TV yet.... listen and I dare you not to dance!!! "High Horse"

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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