NEW MUSIC TODAY - New Aldean Track & 2 Albums!

Jason Aldean's been dropping us morsels leading up to the April 13th release of Rearview Town. Out today is "High Noon Neon". Check out the lyric video!

Kacey Musgraves today released her album "Golden Hour"... it just appeared on my phone this morning and I've been getting myself familiarized. She'd already released a few tunes "Space Cowboy" which I LOVE! Butterflies and a disco inspired jam "High Horse". I've already been hooked on all those tunes and I'm already gravitating toward "Rainbown" & "Slow Burn"... full update Monday! 

Ashley McBryde - I met her for the first time in Memphis this past January. I had no idea how to say the town name of "Dahlonega"... but I learned because "A Little Dive Bar in Dahlonega" is fan-freakin-tastic country! "To the break ups that didn't break us" ..."Girl Going Nowhere" is the name of the album out today! I'll be checking it out this weekend. And fun fact... I discovered after first posting about the song that I have cousins that live in "Dahlonega". I knew they were in Georgia, but not exactly sure where and now I can't wait to visit! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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