How Do You Take Your Coca-Cola?

FACT - Coca Cola from McDonald's tastes the best! (see video below) When I'm craving Coca-Cola it has to be the fountain soda from McDonald's! 

Now today marks the date in 1886 when the first batch of Coca Cola was ever brewed by druggist John Pemberton! Now I did a little research on this guy. Many of us know that the name came from the use of a particular ingredient that was originally in the beverage, but I did a little more in depth research. 

1866 was when John started crafting a tonic that he hoped would serve as a painkiller that would be opium free so that people wouldn't get addicted (HMMMMM...)

In 1886 laws were passed where tonics had to be non-alcoholic so he started to work a new recipe ...hence Coca Cola was born! 1888... he sold the formula.... BIG MISTAKE! Pemberton wasn't the one to get rich off his creation. It was a marketing whiz that reaped the rewards. Much like the story of McDonald's ... and we've officially come full circle! The best place to get Coca-Cola!!! 

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