My Top 10 Kenny Chesney Singles & Where They Take Me

Today is Kenny Chesney's 50th Birthday is today and I thought I'd celebrate by sharing with you my top 10 singles from him that take me back to a special moment ... good & sad! Thanks Kenny for providing some good jams to the soundtrack of my life (deep thoughts) 

#10 - American Kids (2014) 

One of the best lines in a song "A little messed up, but we're all alright". This gave me my first old moment! Gillette Stadium the year this jam came out ... my friend and I were sitting in front of some 20 something frat boys. They clearly did not know all the words to all the songs, but when this one came on they busted out some serious moves screaming "This is my jam"!!! Kenny followed it up with "Young" which is one of my jams (see #3). These frat boys knew none of the lyrics to "Young". I was appalled. Hence my first old moment. Boys learn all of the artists catalog when you intend to party hard at their concert!!! 

#9 - She Thinks My Tractors Sexy (1999) 

It came out in 99, but in 2006 it held special meaning for me summer 2005. I was home from school that summer and had reconnected with the friend that I had a crush on at different points throughout our lives since we were in the 2nd grade. I needed a ploy to get him over to my parents house while they were away so I pretended that I thought I broke our riding lawn mower to call him over to look at it. Well he fixed it pretty quick, but hung out for a bit. Months later I admitted what I did and his response was basically he didn't think I was that dumb. I Guess I'm not that sneaky. 

#8 - Keg In the Closet (2005) 

Because college... that's the only explanation needed. 

#7 - Big Star (2003) 

At one point in my younger 20s I wanted to own my own bar with lawn mower racing in the back. I got that idea from the movie "The Prince & Me". I liked to pretend instead of "Banana Joe's Bar" that Kenny was singing "Amanda Jo's Bar". Clearly that was to be the name, but I grew up and realized I don't like to stay up much past 11PM and liability insurance would be insane!!!! I still however sing the line in the song as I'd like to hear it! 

#6 - All The Pretty Girls (2017)

Kenny has been releasing amazing songs since his first hit in 1997. However, recently there was a period of years where the big hits were at a little slower tempo and left me craving a really up beat Kenny party jam! "All The Pretty Girls" hit last summer and I still can't get enough of this jam. To me it's like this decades "Young" (we'll get to it!!) 

#5 - Never Wanted Nothing More (2007) 

This was the first year I attended Kenny at Gillette. I was gifted the tickets by my boss when I worked at Bear Country as a bit of a graduation present. I started interning there my last semester of college & was hired before I officially received my diploma. Poor college student I never really had the extra cash for good Kenny seats. When he gave me those tickets I was so excited!!! I wasn't yet a concert veteran so tractor man from #9 and I went to Kenny together. We had no idea what we were walking into with the tailgating. We grabbed a six pack and just walked around the parking lots realizing that the next summer we would have to come back with all our friends and do the parking lot party up right. 

#4 - Don't Happen Twice (2001) 

Because this just reminds us all of our first innocent interactions with love. I'm not totally convinced I've really experienced the l word yet... but I've come close and those late night conversations involved solo cups.

#3 - Young (2001) 

I graduated from Greenfield High School in 2003, but that summer this was my particular anthem with all my friends. I DO WHAT I WANT is what I told people that summer thinking it may be the last totally carefree one that I would have. However, "I DO WHAT I WANT" is still something I tell people.

#2 - No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems (2003)

PERFECT VACATION JAM! It was always a fabulous vacation/summer song. However, every time I hear it now I'm right back on a catamaran heading to Jost Van Dyke where one of Kenny's favorite bars is located! "The Soggy Dollar"! Amazing vacation 2017 ... I wanna go back!!! 

#1 - Anything But Mine (2005) 

I debated making this number one because it's a bit bittersweet, but it's the song that still can make me have a visible reaction. This song takes me back my most perfect summers of 2006 & 2007. When I wasn't working I was basically wheeling in the woods and camping by the river with some of my most favorite people. Including tractor man from #9. I have so many amazing memories. However, tractor man & I did not work out. He eventually married someone else and the saddest thing for me is that I lost a friend that I had known longer than anyone. This was the guy that basically got everyone on board with calling me by my full name "Amanda Jo". SOOOO every once in a while when I hear the song it just cuts a little, but I still love it for all the amazing memories. 

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