My Secret Talent Revealed Last Night -Chubby Bunny

Thank you to everyone that came out last night to support St. Jude patients and families. We raised another $1000! Congratulation to the "Eggressors" that walked away with the trip to New England Country Music Fest! And thank you to Bobby Roast Beef and Platform Sports Bar for hosting another fun evening of knowledge and smack talking! 

At one point in the evening I noticed Bobby had a bunch of peeps at his podium. He let me know that they were for a bonus round of Chubby Bunny for a team that gets the closest answer. In that moment I told him something that I haven't told anyone since High School. I have a talent for stuffing marshmellows in my face and saying "Chubby Bunny".

WELL... after we wrapped our round of Trivia I stuck around to play round two on my friends team "Snap Crackle Pop". The question was... How many episodes of the show Scrubs aired? We guessed 180 and the correct answer was 182. My team found our way into the bonus round! It was time to demonstrate my secret talent! I jammed about 7 in there... 6 counted and we went from 13th place to about 2nd. No we didn't hold onto that title, but I do now have the Chubby Bunny title. Bobby said usually people can only jam 3 in there... well I showed them! 

***Disclaimer... Jamming excessive amounts into ones mouth of anything can lead to choking****

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