Mitchell Tenpenny - Boston Excursion

This weekend I trekked out to Boston for St. Paddy's weekend to check out new artist Mitchell Tenpenny. I was familiar with a few of his tunes, but I downloaded his EP for the drive out. Great songwriter and singer. Fun Fact - Granger Smith's "If The Boot Fits" was written by Mitchell. 

The two particular songs I already knew... the single "Drunk Me"... I'll play it for you today for "My Play Of The Day" 3:05! Obviously love the sound, but also the message. 

There are so many songs about drinking your sorrows away. However, I learned in my early 20s that if you don't want to be the sad drunk girl crying at the bar than don't drink in public if you're heartbroken. PSA to all... if you are in a delicate emotional state stay sober until you can cope! "Drunk Me" illustrates this point beautifully! 

The other song I knew was a little something (DISCLAIMER FOR MY LANGUAGE) called "Bitches". Personally, I'm not offended by the term because anyone can be labeled a bitch. In this song bitch is in reference to people who cheat! During Mitchell's showcase I don't believe he initially planned to play this jam but a few fans and I started to scream it out! He explained he wrote it after two buddies had just been cheated on by their ladies.

Check out my Intsa posts... Mitchell live. I judge artists based on their live performances and he sounds like he sounds on record! This years Luke Combs???? I think he could be the new big thang for 2018! 

(Disclaimer... Language in the "Bitches" post :-) )  

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