This Week I Broke 2 Of My Personal Fashion Rules

I have a few rules when it comes to my own personal fashion... not to say these things are a hell no for everyone, but for my body type there's a few things I've avoided. White jeans, rompers, body suits, pale colors, gray on gray, and bodysuits! 

During this mornings training session at Healthtrax I rocked some gray on gray because I slacked on laundry and my only leggings that were clean were my gray ones that I typically only wear at home. Why? Black is slimming... gray does not feel that way for me. 

And in one week I've bought two bodysuits. Basically a bathing suit for day wear. Not that these things look bad. Every time I see a pic of one I think what a cute tank top and then I realize the crotch has snaps! And sometimes the crotch doesn't have snaps... to me that just sounds like a struggle to pee. However, I've decided to risk it! 

As for my other nos... pale colors don't look good on my pale skin. When I've attempted people ask me if I'm feeling well. White jeans... I spill a lot/they accentuate my thighs (we all have an area...that's mine). Rompers... this is a trend I really want to be able to wear. However, I'm 5'8 and often rompers are made for people with shorter torsos. Tall people wearing most rompers = camel toe! 

What trends/fashion rules do you have for yourself?  

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