Our Friend JT Makes It On Dustin Lynch DocuSeries

Dustin Lynch has been giving us an inside look at what it's like to be an artist in Nashville by taking us on the bus and behind the scenes of all his hard work! 

Over the weekend Dustin added a few new videos one featuring our former afternoon DJ/Boss/Mentor/Friend JT! When I say everyone in Nashville knows JT...everyone knows JT! Many of the younger batch of artists on their way to being the next superstars are quite tight with this man. Kelsea, Kip, Dustin... the man knows talent! 

From a career standpoint ...the first year I was at KIX I didn't have the most guidance (I'm the type that needs to keep learning/improving or I get bored). When JT got here by year two I finally got the type of boss who would critique me and teach me a bit of the behind the scenes in the programming world of radio which had always interested me. If I've improved with my so called talent over the year it's because of JT. I have a bit more confidence in my ability because of JT. 

From a personal standpoint... I call this person a friend! I'm not the type to easily ask for help or guidance, but he's one of those people I feel comfortable calling up if I'm in need of their expertise.  He's constantly giving back to people when he's fighting through his own battle. The strength and faith he exhibits is something truly admired!  

JT's one of the best people out there and if you have the pleasure of knowing JT than you are blessed!

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