Millennials. We Created It. Now Backing Up From It!

Social Media... I have a love/hate relationship with it. Most days it's fun and a great way to keep in touch. However, I do wonder if it's hindered our ability to make real connections with people. I do miss the days of having to call someone that you just want to chat with... now we just like a photo on Facebook and figure that's enough. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram... It can keep us in touch or at least in the know with many people in one spot, but I do miss some actual connections. 

Then there's the negativity and internet trolls. It used to be the back of a bathroom stall in the 90s and early 2000s where the trolling went down. Most of the time it was "call Lisa for a good time". Who's Lisa? You don't care... you're not going to call her. It just provided some reading material while you visited the bathroom. You quickly wondered who Lisa was, but than forgot about her five minutes after you left the stall! Now if someone tries to trash you they tag you and a whole assault of possible crazies could come your way!

Getting over exes... forget about it!!! If you broke up you could move on without having to constantly see their face or faces of new people with them. Yea you can unfollow, but you know you still look every once in a while! People used to break up and move on. Or maybe down the road they would get the timing right and get back together. Now if you get back together you're aware of everything they did in the in between! Sometimes not knowing is bliss! 

I'll never totally ditch social, but I've had to take breaks in the past to reconnect with myself and people that matter. If it consumes too much of your time in the day... maybe take a break. If you want to know who your real friends are... take a break... they'll call or text you! Your friends will feel appreciated too when you call them just because you want to chat. WHO CALLS ANYMORE? YOU SHOULD! 

We've created the beast and about a third of us are totally walking away because of the time consumption and negativity. Maybe we just need to tame the beast/ourselves? 

(Daily Mail Article About Why Millennials Are Leaving Social Media)  

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