2018 Training Day 10 - Surprise Results!!!

This morning I had my 10th personal training session of the year with Danielle at Healthtrax in West Springfield. I felt a little congested this morning (chugging Vitamin C as we speak) so it was a bit of a struggle breathing at times, but I beasted through! 

We lunged and twisted with a 15lb med ball, planked on a ball, cleaned and pressed a 30 lb kettlebell, squated with a 30lb kettle bell, worked in a little TRX, and the move you see below! The below move... great for the behind! 

It had been about 6 weeks since I weighed in. I try not to weigh myself that often because the overall number doesn't mean much to me (and it shouldn't to you) and at home my scale can't do the fancy things the In Body at Healthtrax can do. 

The In Body results show your overall Body Comp. For me... I don't mind if the number is around 160 as long as my body fat percentage is low. Top athletes are about 15-20%, Fit Women 21-24%, Healthy/acceptable 25-32%, and Overweight 33% plus. (PBF Info Here)  

As I stepped on the scale I looked at Danielle and said... I think I may be a little heavier than our first weigh in (I knew at that time I wasn't eating properly) and I wasn't expecting big moves. AND THEN .... BOOOM! I may have gone up 4 pounds, but my muscle went up by 4.4 pounds, and my body fat went down 2.4%!!! PUMPED!!!  

At this point my goals are just to boost my strength. If the number goes up because of muscle I'm not concerned! 

And remember if you're getting discouraged just keep on keeping on! My highest number was from 2016. Since then I've just focused on maintaining healthier consistent habits. They are clearly paying off with a little assistance from great coaches and trainers! 

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