Read Any Good Books Lately?

Today is National Read Across America Day which celebrates the birthday of Dr. Seuss from our very own Springfield! 

I don't know how often you read, but I probably only get through about 4 books in a year. Since January I've already gone through 3...2 I read in one week. It's not like I made this some sort of New Years Resolution I've just enjoyed reading a lot lately. 

The Immortalists, Lilac Girls, and All The Missing Girls are the three books. Two were a bit more of suspense books and Lilac Girls was based on the only all girl concentration camp in World War II. I do tend to enjoy the historical angled books a bit more, but after reading Lilac Girls I def needed something a bit lighter. However, I really recommend reading it.  It tells the story of three women... one in the states working to help the French over seas, a polish girl placed into the concentration camp, and a German woman doctor that ends up working at the camp. All their stories end up intertwining. 

I am now out of things to read... so if you have any suggestions on what to go to next please send them my way! 

And of course... Happy Birthday Dr. Seuss! My personal Seuss favorite is "Oh The Places You Will Go"... here's a great article about the 10 we all need to read in our lifetime!   

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