Immaturity Key To Long Life - HECK YES!

The key to long life may be holding on to some "immature" tendencies. People who perceive themselves to be younger than they actually are (I'm wearing a Wonder Woman t-shirt as I type this...similar to what I probably wore at 16 and I'm 33) tend to make healthier choices. They exercise more and hold on to habits like watching kid movies (kids don't need to be present too) and listen to their music loud which gives feelings of nostalgia which in turn makes them feel young! Full Study

Now I'm a mature woman in the sense that I take care of myself, business, make my own money, pay my own bills, and on Saturdays I take trips to Target and Home Depot if need be. However, I also hold on to some "immature" tendencies. I still sleep with my pink elephant, drink chocolate milk at breakfast, jam in my car to super loud music, and dance around my apartment while cleaning (to name just a few things). When people call me on the "immature" habits I say to them... DON'T LOSE YOUR DINOSAUR!!! 

If you don't get the reference from Step Brothers... here you go. Be warned their is an F-Bomb in here. 

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