2018 Training Day 8 - Do What's Hard!

This week I've made a deal with myself to workout every day! If I get a little too sore there's a little something called "active recovery". That just means a long walk. So far though my body is cooperating. 

I've also been focusing on throwing in activities I like, but am not quite good at yet. People that do the same workout over and over tend to plateau and stop seeing results. I always say ... it's a little about mind fudging your body if you want to keep seeing/feeling change. Swimming has been some new cardio for me that kicks my butt and needs some practice. When it comes to strength training there are certain moves I hate because they're hard for me... but they get results! 

Monday - Swimming at Healthtrax! - Right now I get in about 500 yards which is 20 laps. It takes me a little over 20 minutes and it's hard. I'm liking it because I'm not good at it and I know I can be once I figure out how to regulate my breathing. Trust me I get the concept it's just figuring it out. I'll get there. 

Tuesday - I hit a 6AM CrossFit class... I discovered last year training at Healthtrax that my body gets results when I lift! Ladies... don't believe the "you'll get bulky if you lift too heavy". The only way you're gonna get jacked like The Rock is if you not only put up serious weights but eat an insane amount of food. Check out this article from Shape dispelling the myth! 

Wednesday - This morning my trainer at Healthtrax Danielle and I worked through a number of subsets (we take 2 exercises at a time and I move throw them each 3 times). The things I love... deadlifts with heavy kettlebells and lunging with dumbbells. Why? Because I'm good at it and I know people sometimes watch because they're shocked seeing the amount of weight they I'm handling. Have I ever mentioned I'm very competitive :-) 

Things I hate... anything to do with the exercise balls. Having to balance while doing moves I can easily do without the ball is just rude! The movements don't come easy, but because they're hard they work multiple muscle groups and I always feel it about a few hours later. I made sure Danielle only filmed one side during the below workout because the other side didn't look the most coordinated. Sometimes I'm a little like Zoolander that way. 

Thursday -  Our St. Jude Spin for Kids is coming up next Saturday and I realized I haven't been on a Spin bike in sooooo long. Plus Trainer Danielle is soon to be spin certified! Tomorrow we plan on doing a little cardio on the bikes! I also want to give the muscles a rest because... 

Friday - I'm debating taking part in a little CrossFit competition. The work out gets posted Thursday night. I'll make my decision to compete then. Either way I'll get in a CrossFit workout Friday night. 

-- Stay motivated... don't get discouraged if you have a few lazy days... and don't shy way from the things you don't like because they're hard. Make them your BIIIIIOTCH! 

Amanda Jo

Amanda Jo

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