New Kacey Musgraves Music Released Today

I keep saying that I've never seen Kacey in concert and it just dawned on me... I DID! She was on tour with Kenny at Gillette the summer that Church was also there! Now though she has way more material that I can't wait to see her perform tonight as she opens for Little Big Town at Mohegan. 

I love her honesty in her songs and the fact that she's not afraid to put out there songs like "Follow Your Arrow" which didn't get enough airplay... FYI today it will be "My Play of the Day". 

Some programmers stayed away from it for a few lines about smoking pot and kissing girls. Well the radio edit avoids the joint reference (if this bothers you look up Tom Petty's 1994 "You Don't Know How It Feels) and also says if kissing girls is what you're into have at it! Do whatever floats your boat and don't let others people judgement bother you... follow your arrow! I just love the message of the jam can you tell? 

On March 30th she'll be releasing a new album "Golden Hour". This morning I pre ordered and got two songs from the album "Butterflies" and "Space Cowboy". Can't wait for the whole album and excited to see her tonight!!! 

One of my all time favorite songs from her last album "Pageant Material"!

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