Do This To Help Treat Chronic Stress

I think we can all admit we get stressed sometimes. When it's constant though it's hazardous to your health. In a new study researchers said one of the best ways to treat it is by RUNNING! Yes! Running! Endorphins are great for you! As someone who deals with depression and anxiety the first thing thing I try when I know I'm slipping is assess my work out game! When I regularly work out I feel like a sane person! Full disclosure - I do also take an antidepressant every day, but before I went right back to pills I got my workout routine in check. When that didn't completely solve my situation I visited the doctor for an extra boost. For me the pill and exercise combination is necessary. Do what works for you, but WORK OUT TOO! 

This recent study says attempt a running routine before you go right to the pills. 

And below... this woman gives some good info if you're just starting to run! 

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